OPINION: Building a foundation: Making time for yourself

Kathryn Kellar



In everyday life we are often caught up in all of the motions of what we have to do and how we can fill our resumes with noteworthy items. The one thing that I often overlook or put into the back of my mind is making time for myself.


I am someone who has been involved all the time since middle school. Whether it was marching band or the Model United Nations Club I always had something.


College extracurricular activities are in contrast very different they take up more of your time. Living on campus has caused me to have easier access to devote time to my organizations after school hours.


For the past week I have been busy going through the motions of all the organizations that I am a part of and the duties that I owe each one. At the end of the day there comes a point where you have to make time for yourself. Making time for yourself will help to maintain the foundation of your happiness.


If we don’t then how can we expect our pyramid that makes up our time to maintain stable? The answer is that we can’t because eventually the pyramid will eventually crumble.


At this point you may be wondering what happiness is or how anyone quantify it. The truth is that I can’t define it for anyone but myself. Some people achieve happiness by looking up at a beautiful sky or maybe interacting with their friends.


For me happiness means a laugh, one that is contagious or doing something just because you enjoy it.


The Urban Dictionary definition of happiness that resonates with me is “the greatest gift that I possess” from urbandictionary.com. This definition says a lot about values and why a person’s personal happiness should come first.


Making time for yourself can be as simple as going for a walk around campus while listening to your iPod. For me it’s taking time to read part of a book or working out with friends.


Making time for yourself can be as easy as taking 30 minutes to an hour every day to make time for something that you love. Something that makes me happy is watching television shows, movies or getting absorbed into a good book.


Just look at making time for yourself as a necessity to your day to day life will make you a happier person.

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