Volleyball team reloads

Nick Flood

Orbit Media Reporter

The Women’s Volleyball team here at Muskingum has big plans for this year. Coming off of a 10-16 record last year, the team hopes for at least an OAC title, or possibly more.

Talent-wise, they definitely have the ability to achieve great things. The Muskies were able to recruit a large freshman class that has contributed to a team that has become, “is fast, quick and powerful,” said Head Coach Elizabeth Zicha, “not to mention we have great leadership as well.”

In terms of leadership, the Muskies are relying on senior Alexa Abrams, who is not alone though, she has many leaders from the underclasses aiding her.

Last year, the Muskies were able to go into a 6 win streak to begin their season, but fell when they got into the OAC. With a conference record of 1-8, the Muskies wish to improve their conference play and take the title. This will be difficult, the OAC is a tough conference, but the Muskies have the talent to succeed.

The team is very talent focused, the skills that the Muskies have shown in practice are impressive, but the team is young with the aforementioned large freshman class as well as the sophomore class, making up most of the team. The real question of the team is whether the inexperience of the underclassmen will affect the team.

Chances are, it won’t. The sophomores have actually had a huge amount of experience, because of the lack of older players. Not to mention Coach Zicha is the 5th winningest coach in Division III Volleyball, and 24th in all divisions. So while the Muskies lack age, they make up for it in other ways. The leadership of the older players is crucial, and the instruction that they and Coach Zicha provide is impressive.

Nevertheless, the year is proving to be exhilarating, and it is definitely going to be fun to watch. The Muskies kick off their season at the St. Vincent tournament on August 29th, where they begin their road to an OAC title.

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